All About Hormones

Hormones are natural chemicals that deliver messages to your body’s organs and tissues through the bloodstream. They are made in endocrine glands, which include pituitary, pineal, thymus, thyroid, adrenal glands and pancreas. Additionally, women also produce hormones in their ovaries, and men produce them in their testes.

The way our hormones work is a very integral part of every person’s life. Our hormones are responsible for energy levels, hunger, mood swings, libido, concentration, sleep and many other things that can have a direct affect on our everyday lives.

Hormones are also extremely powerful. It only takes a small amount to result in major changes in a tissue or organ, or even your entire body. Your diet, stress levels and exposure to various toxins can have an adverse affect on your hormones, and subsequently, the way your body operates.

Once it is determined how your specific stress level, diet, toxin exposure, etc. is affecting your hormones and health, Dr. Stanton can begin creating a holistic plan to help balance your hormones and help you maintain a healthier life.