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The Toxin-Weight Loss Connection

Environmental toxins in our food and everyday household and beauty products not only impact our health and hormones, but they can also impact our ability to lose weight. We’ve already discussed how some toxins can mimic our hormones, which prevents our bodies from using our hormones as well as make hormones, but what you might not know is that all this exposure to toxins confuses our metabolisms.

Additives and processed foods with refined sugars and high fructose corn syrup strain our livers and interrupt our detoxifying systems. These additives as well as hydrogenated fats, preservatives and artificial sweeteners do not contain any nutrients; therefore they add empty calories and create a hormone imbalance. Pesticides in our food are stored in our fat tissue, which poisons our metabolism and prevents weight loss. On top of it all, processed foods increase inflammation in our bodies, which increases demand for cortisol and creates a hormone imbalance with progesterone, estrogen, testosterone, DHEA, insulin and thyroid.

Toxins found in products we use everyday like Bisphenal A, parabens, phthalates are endocrine disruptors and can impact weight loss in a number of different ways. BPA acts like estrogen and contributes to weight loss. Phthalates work against testosterone and are connected to obesity and insulin resistance. If you’re insulin resistant your body stops using sugar as energy and stores it as fat.

By switching to a whole food diet, filtering water, avoiding processed foods and using products that are organic and/or fragrance free, you can reverse the effects these toxins cause. Your liver and thyroid will function normally, which will restore hormone balance, increase your metabolism, burn more fat and your liver will be clear to release toxins from fat cells so further weight loss is possible.

Healthy Holiday Eating

Between the holiday parties, family gatherings and holiday baking it is easy to overeat this time of the year. But I have some tips that you might find helpful to keep you from eating too much of the wrong stuff.

Before heading to a party, have a healthy snack at home. A little bit of turkey or some nuts will provide protein and stabilize your blood sugar. If you’re not starving going into a party, you’ll make better choices when it comes to food and you won’t overeat. Go ahead and treat yourself a bit, but watch the portion sizes and try to avoid foods that are fried or made with a lot of cream and/or cheese. Also, don’t hang out around the buffet table because that might cause you to continue snacking.

I’ve said it before, but limit your alcohol consumption. Opt for a glass of red wine or mulled cider instead of eggnog, Kahlua or beer. Avoid sugary beverages that are just empty calories and will elevate blood sugar levels and expand the waistline. Alternate alcoholic drinks with a glass of club soda or sparkling water with lime.

Host a healthy meal swap with friends. If you and some friends share the “we’re all in this together” attitude, the more likely you’ll stay on track and avoid holiday weight gain. Another good idea is to plan a post-party brick workout with friends to combat against all those calories consumed at holiday parties.

With a little planning and an after-party activity plan, you can avoid going overboard this holiday season and maybe even lose weight instead of gaining those holiday pounds.

Guest Columns in EmpowHER

Dr. Stanton recently was asked to contribute two articles to the women’s health site, EmpowHER. Dr. Stanton offered “Tips for Balancing Your Hormones” and “How to Eliminate PMS Symptoms.” 

The main point to remember for eliminating PMS symptoms is to do things that naturally raise your progesterone level. This can include reducing cortisol levels, balancing insulin, eliminating caffeine and reducing estrogen. The key for balancing hormones is keeping blood sugar stable, managing stress, taking supplements to fill in dietary gaps and reducing toxin exposure.

Read the tips for PMS here.

Read the tips for balancing hormones here.

5 Ways to Sleep Better

Getting enough restful sleep each night is required to maintain optimum testosterone production, preventing cortisol levels from rising too high and supporting efficient burning of food as fuel. Plus our bodies need the rest to support its functioning and adequate sleep is needed so our minds can work at their best.

Here are some tips for getting not only more sleep each night, but better sleep each night.

  1. Try to be in bed by 10 p.m.
  2. Unplug from the digital world – limit use of computers and television shortly before bed as they increase stress levels
  3. Get right nutritionally – limit sugars, white flour and caffeine, incorporate more lean proteins and complex carbohydrates into your diet
  4. Decrease sources of stress – personal relationships, at work, other situations
  5. Exercise in the morning so you have energy for the day, but by nighttime your body and mind are tired, so you can sleep better. Exercise also helps reduce stress, but be careful not to overdo it as pushing your body too hard can lead to adrenal fatigue.